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“A person who changes,
changes the world.
Because we are the world.”

Ayya Khema

Costs of therapy 

As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie), my services are not covered by statutory health insurance. As a client, you bear the costs of psychotherapy yourself. 

Some private health insurances may cover the costs of therapy with an alternative practitioner. Please inquire directly with your insurance provider about the details of your contract..

If you have taken out supplementary insurance for alternative practitioners (Heilpraktiker-Zusatzversicherung), please check whether it also covers the services of alternative practitioners for psychotherapy.  


When you contact me, we first arrange an initial consultation. This is somewhat shorter than the later therapy sessions and free of charge. In the initial meeting we have the opportunity to get a first impression of each other – after all, it is important that we get along well with each other! I am available for questions and advice, and you have the opportunity to tell me about your concerns. In the course of the first sessions we get to know each other better and decide together on the further course of our work together. 


Initial consultation
0,- EUR [duration 45 -60 min.]

Therapy session
90,- EUR [duration 60 min.]

Therapy session
120,- EUR [duration 90 min.]


Ada Mielentz

Gaußstraße 13d
22765 Hamburg
My office is located at ground level

Phone 040 248 641 92


You can arrange an initial
consultation at any time to 
clear up further questions. 


Body psychotherapy 
Holistic approach
Mindfulness centered methods
Attachment-focused psychotherapy

LGBTQIA+ friendly

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